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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


I arose to the miraculous,
trees, sky, air,
my brothers and sisters,
light, tension, thoughts rambling
through my soul.
Enchantment for which there is no name.
God who is no name.
Mix some Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus,
Mandela and Einstein.
The gentle woman down the street.
Fathers, and everyone else
who I cannot know
in my small country,
in the heartache that belongs to me.

I will love them all
and call them God,
along with pets and lizards,
mosquitos and fireflies.
Certainly birds and crocodiles,
wondrous, loving,
vast beyond dimension.
And then I will say a prayer,
God, I love you,
being all these things,
and everything beyond imagination.
And I return everything I am
to you,
dust mote in the air,
wishing you passionate love,
and joy everlasting.

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