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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Movies

For want of anything happening
I am going to the movies,
despite the great theater of night,
with infinity for a background.
I will watch my celluloid queens
fall in love,
my heros capture kingdoms,
all the while asteroids approach the earth,
a madonna is shopping at the grocery.
A poem is being written by a girl of seven,
who will break the heart of the world.

I watch the screen
unfold the plot of a love story,
conceal a murder,
do an impossible operation without scars,
while a thousand flowers go extinct,
a new universe explodes into light.
My dearest friend dies quietly
of heartbreak.
The miracle of an improbable storm
rages on a sea,
and I am transformed
by the drama on the screen.
Have a song to hum
on the street outside,
feel elevated with new hope and vision,
watching snow flurries dart in the air
like fireflies,
and go home
content and fulfilled by Hollywood.

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