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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

How to be Loved

I am of no school.
I discovered myself,
lonely, in high branches.
Who told me I could grab flight
from the air?
No one.
I simply flew with no wings
and never fell.
There was no bottom to fall to.
Not in the heart where I lived.

So, World,
tell me about yourself.
Don’t be shy,
hiding behind your doors.
Play Oz with me.
Infinite life combined with infinite hell.
Oh, World,
you need kisses.
I do.
The only kiss I have are poems.
People do not care about my face,
my eyes,
my common look.

I can only lie in words I know.
An old shoe of a soul.
Though I saw immensity,
and cried with God,
and forgot my lines in a play.
So meant to be.
The school I went to failed me,
or perhaps
I gave up for not being tall,
and willing to stand aside in line.
Last of the least,
telling anyone who listened,
I want to be loved,
but no one showed me how.

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