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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Election

If heaven were a democracy
would God be elected?
I cast my vote today for one person.
One soul out of three hundred million,
to wisely lead brothers and sisters,
friends and children,
my most precious loves
through the wilderness of earth.

I have committed an act of faith.
As if I threw a stone
in the water of a vast ocean
and raised its level.
That what I pray for can be done.
Preserve, honor, safeguard, lead,
and keep well the little band of people
who are worth the universe to me.
That are loved by a God
whose household is bigger
than all that can be imagined,
more sacred than the most holy
arches of the world.

And like this candidate on earth,
for whom I pray,
that in the wider realm of heaven,
my fervent prayer,
that God for immaculate purity,
be elected by unanimous consent.

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