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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Saying My Prayers

I live with ferocity,
It envelops.
It is me.
It is not a decision
made from battle,
from wisdom or reverence
earned by patience.
I was born
loving who love me.
Much as a mother loves her child.
A father throws his life down
guarding the door.

It is not something
a church taught me
or came from faith in Providence.
I simply will die
loving those who touched me
in kindness.
Gave me what belonged to them
just to make me happy,
safeguard me,
brighten my life.

So as I fall asleep
I kiss everyone living and dead
who I love
on their dear lips
and tell them,
I cherish you
each and everyone
for your gift.
My huge loving family
who took me in,
and close the eyes of my heart
each night.

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