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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

April Fool

I woke up.
It’s past midnight.
What will I feed my grandchildren?
Why not pray?
Confront all the nonsense.
Are they eating too much ham?
That salt is not good for them.
Should everything be organic?
What can I feed them tomorrow?
Is God doing the same thing?
See the absolute centers.
Measure immensities.
Are you following a path
you don’t see?
To what use are words?
Got to stop giving them ham.
Children like salt as much as sugar.
Fix something sweet tomorrow.
Does life have a meaning?
I have to cut out the junk.
White bread.
Make broccoli taste good.
I’ve got to rest.
Things are too simple.
Light is building outside.
Must have fallen off.
Is it all a joke, excluding love?

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