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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


Let the sky redeem itself,
open like a sunflower in the rain.
It is all I want
on a day without sun.
I am a grape
that needs the power of the light,
the vintage of its hour.
Redeem the stone for its silence.
It has the clarion of bells
in its heart,
the laughter of children
on the slope,
the flame of a city
that came and went.
Kiss the stone and see its lips,
its eyes restored
from fingers dripping tears.

Oh, the stories it would tell,
coming from the earth
and returning,
while it looked heavenward
for an answer.
Redeem the dream
that opened in the night,
stars falling like snow,
the beginning of time, returning,
so everything
can raise its voice again.
Lovers once more
calling to each other.
Life refusing to go away.
Hope coming out of the stones.
Everything restored for a thousand times
ten thousand.
rising from the earth
with love.

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