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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Who Loved Me?

The last word
I will say to the wall,
is the question,
who loved me?
Who found me alone
in the desert,
and pointed to the hills
where I found the water
that bathed me,
the night
that healed my dreams?

Who loved me?
That they stayed when I left,
to have someone to return to,
and keep bread in the house?
And who loved me,
that deserving or not,
I received a gift on my birthday,
and heard rumors of prayers
said for my soul?

Who loved me,
when the weight of my fears
made me weep
and refuse to go on,
until something rang like a bell,
and I never faltered again?
Who loved me? that said,
always, always,
I will go with you,
and now,
when so much has gone by,
gives me these children,
and so much love?
Who loved me?

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