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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

One Fossil to Another

I’m sorry I’m late.
Infinity detained me,
and you went to sleep
inside the stone.
I knocked too late.
I can not wake you,
although a piece of me
was with you
in the oceanic sludge.

I put fingers on your shell
transformed by half
a billion years,
saying my heart
is as it was,
then and now.

Are you my sister
or my brother?
My soul mate
in the tentacles of forever?
The chain,
that is so long,
I forget,
but so close
I feel the joy between us
even now.

A fossil
and a fossil that will be.
Is this
what it is to love,
to live,
to sparkle,
inside an artifact
on the bottom of the sea?

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