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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Taking Track

You have to go back in life and rinse
things off.
Do the dishes.
Carry a tin cup, plate and fork.
Feel the sun cleanse your soul
and parse your thoughts.
When you leave, to leave things
as they were,
and go in where the door opens.
There is joy when we let the world find us.
It spreads everything out.

The sky is trackless,
weeds become a fairyland of flowers.
Sound harmonizes a thousand notes
so beautifully, you can hear each one
and never be made deaf with noise.
There is never a lonely place around us.
A shore becomes our own immensity,
the horizon the edge of forever,
and we glide as wind, like birds,
and are joined in peace,
by friends that speak inside our center,
and tell us,
the only one here, is the whole world.

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