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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Christ Killers

They are arguing who killed Christ?
Racked his bones,
a good man,
a decent man.
If I told them life did,
they would not believe me.
They want to hate somebody.
They want revenge.
To wage war on people without weapons,
farmers, mothers,
children playing by the road.
For thousands of years
their fury has had no bounds,
as if they were denied a righteous murder.

They revel in the Holocaust.
Where do these predators live?
How do we recognize their faces?
Where were they born?
I pray when I look at my neighbors.
Who would cast the first stone?
What of this man,
who forgave the torment of tormentors?
Who said,
he was about his Father’s business,
the love of peace and goodness.
So who kills innocents, down
through the ages,
and with blood upon their hands dare
claim his love?

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