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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


How much seeing do I see?
The green praying mantis
perches on the green
slender lily leaf,
invisible or not.
Seeing will not tell you it’s there,
seeing in the mind,
the twig of a leg,
and the mantis was there.

Seeing through the entrance of the dark
I can see a bat,
wing song of the night,
fluttering like a butterfly.
So it is with people in their faces.
Faces are not people.
The heart sees people,
in the colors we use to think with.

So what is sight?
Looking through watery dimensions
are channel rivers
not open to our eyes,
yet we see unerring
fish or mermaid as we please,
all a matter of seeing what we see,
the virtual edge of galaxies and souls,
seen day or night,
all in knowing how.

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