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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Time and Life

I have some years
I’d like to give away.
Not that I don’t want them.
Not that they weren’t wonderful.
But, I have so many now
being older than most people,
there may be things they could use
in them.
I believe one only needs
five or six years
to have enough of the world’s wonder.
To understand miracles.
To get love and trust right.
To grow beautiful things
inside yourself.

So I would love to give
some time and life away.
The right pieces left in them.
Things to help them think.
Things to help them feel.
Things that helped me to believe
and be generous.
Things to help make time count,
shed light preciously,
how to cook and clean,
be cheerful,
love openly and be patient,
and things to ease the fears
from walking down paths
so new,
so far,
that the end of the earth
has to catch up with you
during the night.

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