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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Love Song

do not let me die
without touching you one last time.
Do not go away without looking back.
I blow a kiss to you.
I open my hands
to fill them with your face.
To feel your hair on my fingers.
To hold your breath,
as it pours over my palms.

This door will never close.
This window to your fragrance.
This soul that listens
to the words you say,
like fruit falling from a tree.
Forming words, telling stories,
singing with the cadence of living.

Let me watch you
walk on your errands,
come up the stairs,
listen to the room
sound with your lifting, shoving,
moving on the carpet.
Everything you do
that fills me with completeness.

A festival inside the spaces of a day,
when I have you with me,
and I need nothing more
but you,
coming and going,
sitting beside me,
with a smile curving on your face,
like a shore,
opening its mouth to the sea.

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