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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Dandelion Seed

It’s a mistake
not to take
a dandelion seed seriously.
I watched it lilt
in the breeze
past my window.
An air gondola.
A bird released
from the explosion
of a yellow flower.
Voyage to nowhere intended.
Purpose in the gentle unbeing
of a mind,
the nebish of a snowy sprite.
I feel inside its weightlessness.

Can I go with you?
Be a dream wide awake?
Universe of neurons
holding hands.
I am unintentional laugh.
What a child feels expanding.
Being funny.
Making believe.
Going beyond the speed of light
to being somehow,
everywhere and everything.
Dandelion seed
drifting toward a place
where sunbeams come.
A man
as he sips coffee,
a dandelion seed at play.

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