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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

A Light in the Window

Why is that solitary light
shining in that window?
Why does one star,
assume a face
no other star can use?
It is a mystery,
and only the heart can suggest
why the universe has polarity,
has places to mark its roads,
singularities to absorb all meaning.

Does the light say,
in your absence,
this is what you are,
a clear shining presence,
that in the darkness
I see only you?
In love,
there is only that one
pure guiding smile,
the sound of one tone,
a symphony of one great note
encompassing the world.

So the light gives me comfort,
passing by the door of that house,
with its dark windows,
its shadowed door.
A light
placed to show a way,
to commemorate a love,
to be in absence,
everything that fills the heart,
saying this is your place,
your being,
among all else,
your silence,
and your home.

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