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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Choice (Or What If)

The thread that unravels everything.
I saw it once trailing from a web.
A wisp of unconnected dangling
capturing the light,
with a power that exceeded universal power.
Like a hair from a child’s head,
as if a single thought was dancing in the air,
spinning time and space.
So fragile in the fog.
So still the fashioning of creation.

And it occurred that it was giving
me a choice,
one time out of time,
a right to yank it down,
a kind of universal fate,
and for an instant
there was stillness in my heart,
as if nothing had ever happened,
you, and you, and you,
and I blew it away with the anguish
from my life,
so close I came to death.

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