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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

For Sierra

Day, be gentle,
such a beautiful snowfall,
a festival for Sierra.

Day, be quiet.
How soft the sound
of the snow.
I hear her name
across leagues of love.

Day, tell me a story
about a girl
who held invisible roses
everyday she lived.

Day, teach me to count
I want to count one
for each person
that ever lived,
and will live.
And for Sierra
as many as I can count
in a day.

Day, tell yesterday to return
so we can repeat over and over,
and have her hear,
how much she is loved.
We love you!
We love you!
We love you!

Day, tell us to stop crying.
We want her to remember our smiles.
Kisses we blew from our palms.
Forever is not long enough
to measure happiness,
loving her.

Day, what time can we go to bed?
And say
each night we join you.
You are not alone.
We are not alone.
We share dreams together.

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