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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Once Upon A Time

If time can go slower or faster
surely it can cease.
Then you could live forever.
All the noise the world could make
would be a single note.
Your face would become a single smile,
but unyielding,
like sky when we look for its limits.
There would be no limits.
No end to your unfailing sweetness.
But our fate would have a star crossed

My heart would age as it loved.
My soul would dissolve
as it saw your life remain unmoving.
I would be unable to touch you,
for an instant be as still as you,
to join in perpetual love.
I could not find your place.
The elusive moment of your being.
There would be no such place.
You could not exist for me.
I could not exist for you,
like shadows
that only exist by being empty.

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