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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Last Hurrah

I have lengthened my years
to suit my shortened time.
I have ordained a week
to be a year.
I will not ignore the taste
of bread,
of strawberries in my hand.
I will not waste time
in the gloom of self-foreboding.
I will be gentle to eyes
that shine with verses.
Say hello to strangers.

I will find a thousand years
in my remaining hours.
Fall in love and be faithful.
Go to places I have never gone,
and see them higher than an
eagle flies.
Play ball and hide-and-seek
with those I cherish,
and tell them how many times
to count forever,
the times we live,
before I go to sleep
or leave them,
as long as light
comes in me.

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