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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Tybee Island


Sometimes the sea comes in
from Tybee Island,
and smells of shrimp and salt.
It leaves you with a sense
of something close.
Like your ears picking up,
and you know you’ll never
forget the feeling.

See it a thousand times
and you have a thousand memories.
Doesn’t seem to be any limit.
Each time it stays,
and I swear,
it changes the way your face looks.
How your eyes pick up light.
What bends in a river and keeps bending,
until life piles up inside you.

And you realize you smell like the sea.
People walk around you like a shore,
come back
and introduce themselves.
They don’t know why,
just do.
You see it and accept it.
A charisma of sorts,
and you take them in with a smile
and come forth.

Like someone on the street
you never saw before,
or will again.
But an affair has happened,
stays with you,
a place you dream about
and never let go,
and never know why.

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