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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Inside Ourselves

It is a puzzle,
the story of life.
The flashbacks
of exploding mountains.
Memories that haunt
or comfort,
when we put our heads
on a pillow.

Looking in a well,
who sees us from its depths?
What does the face say
looking up at us?
Who are you
from that strange world

Where do you belong?
I am the face
of your shadow.
Vacant as a house
left open to time.
The past buries itself
and wants to sleep.
The sun
does not burn
in this darkness.

I cannot see
the person inside you.
Ask another
to look in your eyes.
Perhaps they will say,
stay with me.
I am drawn to your loneliness!
And then dear seeker,
we might both,
have a story to tell.

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