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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

It Rained All Day

How much water can the sky hold?
So much is falling down!
The ocean bed is dry.
New hills rise covered with coral.
There are little pools
where the last starfish live,
disappearing before nightfall.
All the bright jewels of the sea
covered with salt,
unquenchable thirst.

Rain will fall for years,
turn to snow,
ruin all the sunsets,
become a dark river
of old songs and rags,
and the sun,
a summer love that never returns.

I will walk through the pools,
pull my umbrella down,
watch my feet
slosh in the water,
hear the sea fall
in broken waves,
and wonder where the color goes
that opens up
the curtain of the sky.
It is raining so hard!

I want to go and hold up my arms,
dissolve in the rain,
become a part
of an eternal storm.

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