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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

A Letter to the World

She took her letter to the world,
and placed it by a tree,
a letter telling from the heart,
her mute and yearning plea.

No one’s love, and no one’s prayers,
had ever graced her soul,
she was a lonely castaway,
in the large, uncaring world.

Incorrigible, the school said,
a problem to all around,
not worth the effort to redeem,
no hope for her was found.

And thinking so, a matron’s hand,
caught her roughly as she turned,
and put a slap across her cheek,
and broke the heart that yearned.

And taking the letter from its place,
the matron flung aside,
the message the little castaway,
so carefully sought to hide.

A stranger came along that day,
and found the dirty note,
and read the girl’s hidden plea,
her quiet, longing hope.

“Whoever finds this,

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