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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


What am I searching for?
Looking in the quartz,
how does the light get captured?
Why do I listen to silence?
Because it owes me tears?
How often should I say,
I love you?
Why is once not enough?
What am I searching for
when the sea tells me everything,
and I go away innocent?

Who chooses the hummingbird
that comes to my garden?
Is he the same as the one
that came last year?
I miss him before he leaves.
I will plant flowers again,
just for him.

Why do I watch people pass,
and want to see them again?
What makes me say,
I will remember you always?
When will childhood
come in to play with me?
Are we still friends?

I need to stay alive,
until I finish my diving lessons
in flying.
Find the ultimate glass of water.
Can run,
without losing my breath.
Hear a voice
tell me my true name,
and never say forever
must come twice.

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