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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Orlando Letter

I am writing Orlando,
to the concierge of my hotel,
to send three bottles
of Orlando air,
and a pint of sea water
off Cape Kennedy.
A recording of the children
by the pool
would also be appreciated
for meditation.
I heard several songs
being splashed about
which can be used in baths
particularly when Jackie and Michael
are taking theirs.

Also, if you would send a picture
of the adjacent lake,
and peel off some light
for wallpaper in the kitchen,
very cache.
I can’t forget how clouds
dived like dolphins
in its depths.
Also, a case of bottled humidity
for a winter lotion
scented with palm leaves
and saw-grass.

And a pound of that wonderful butter
I got from the local mall,
you’ll know it
when you find it.
For savoring,
for a taste of what butter can be.
For the smell of a Florida night,
send a damp towel
to drape over a chair,
I’ll furnish the dreams.
In postscript,
I thank you for your indulgence
and continued happiness,
in being where you are.
Yours truly,

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