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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Melting Moon

Your beauty
curled in my hand
like the curve of the moon.
A nuptial fullness
of diaphanous pearl.
Your eyes flirted
like flickering comets
in the passion of a dream.
I cannot go there,
where the sea
opens its face to heaven.
Where no man has sailed.
Where the horizon
is the edge of your cheek,
the opening of your lips.

Your heart
speaks in the waves.
I can only wonder
where gods go
when they want to sleep.
You, wandering,
found me like a stone
to pick up
and marvel at its hardness,
until the wind
called you back.
To a world
without walls.
And love leaves tracks
where I lost you
in the unfathomable
expansion of the moon.

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