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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Drop of Rain

The wind caught it
as it came alive.
It flew with its brothers and sisters.
It glistened like the moon.
It knew everything and nothing.
Its heart was a piece of light.
Its face,
the smile of a star.
It had the substance
of a planetary dream.
A pearl from the ocean.
Pure as an unborn snowflake.
Where would it go
flying in the storm?

I saw how the earth touched it.
It would take it in.
Hide it in its closets.
Show it the mirror it would become
to the heavens.
How poets would handle it,
singing, as it felt their lips.
How a boy would grin.
A girl touch it like a tear.
A tree catch it in a cup of green,
where it could rest
before flying off again.

What a life it will have!
How quick it will come and go.
How the sun will take it up
in its last rainbow,
and say,
for you my little one,
for all to see,
child of the sky.

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