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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Hurry, Hurry

I have no faith that I existed before,
and no faith that I’ll exist again,
so I have no time to waste.
No time to question being,
hold it up to the light,
turn it in my fingers.
It is evaporating,
going up in light and smoke.
It is weeping that I question it.
Leave that to eternity, it breathes.
Leave that to worms and road-less deserts.

Take up your bed and walk,
dip your glass in the river of sorrow,
laugh in the storm of joy,
fly wingless from the cliff.
But do not waste time,
precious, irreplaceable time.
You will not walk this path again.
You will not pray or love,
curse or commit crimes.
You will not peer into the face of existence,
and see waves,
the embracing arms of your creator.
And say I have infinite time
to spill like water,
throw like dust,
count sand like years.

In fact,
you have a breath,
a sigh,
a fleeting shadow,
the brush of a wing on air,
to do
all that your heart wants to do,
to love,
to create dreams,
to give away kingdoms.
So, brother, listen to me!
Sister, listen to me!
I have time only to remind you,
and I’m on my way.

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