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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Knowing What We Know

To explain why we know
what we know
and can’t explain,
I present you
with a leaf’s orthodoxy,
the science of a poem,
the will of a child.
The profound falling of twilight
on roses.
Why bats have night clothes
and quizzical faces.

I have never questioned
the explanation of flight
watching seagulls float above me.
The proofs of geometric codes
along the shore.
The sand tells me
how the waves wrote their equations.

What science tells me
becomes its own affair.
I go outside
and touch the sky.
The breath I draw
is simpler.
Magic fills my fingers.
I know how things
come together.
Why frost assembles snowflakes,
the heart sees beauty
in the things it loves.

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