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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Does infinite time have an
indelible page?
Yesterday so many memories
made themselves.
Jackie and Michael saw Santa Claus
at the library.
Michael pasted colored paper.
Jackie painted an ornament
of Santa Claus for his Christmas tree.

I watched children race outside
in the afternoon glow.
So cold.
I stood by the curb
watching mothers,
Lisa, Catherine, Bambi,
then the indelibles,
Olivia, Drew, Greta, Aaron, Jackie, Michael,
a boy without name,
a sister without name,
all shouting, laughing, playing chase.

I was freezing
under the huge, blue sky.
Watching the indelibles
of life.
Destiny achieving itself.
An odyssey across decades
of distance.
The open shore of life.

bringing roses to the clouds,
infinity touching my soul.
Stay outside,
I told the world.
Never go to sleep.
Never forget us,
who we are.
What is happening
on this illumined day.

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