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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

A Day

Now I beseech you,
if you are starting your day,
forgive yourself,
look in the mirror
and do not curse age,
or if young,
the petals in your cheeks.

Begin slowly
without a care.
Sit on the edge of your bed
and give your dreams
to the room.
Let them be shadows
melting in light,
and tell your heart,
I have this day
given to me from rest,
open as a sky.

I do not have to put
fear in it,
or sorrow,
or dwell on my pain.
Say a prayer to yourself,
I will not waste it,
it is a cup begging for wine,
the taste of a kiss,
the touch of my gentleness.
It is open
to wherever I go.

I can choose what I wish
from the secrets of my soul,
for everything worth having
is free to my eyes,
my touch,
the breath of my lungs.

I can choose to be
whatever I want,
lover or friend,
warrior of causes,
a maker or giver,
a child with games,
nothing is denied,
peace or despair,
say whatever it is and it shall be,
that is the faith of the day,
delivered in hope,
a gift to yourself,
if you wish to accept it.

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