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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

A Basket for Mary

It is a forever basket.
Forget-me-nots for the buttons
done and undone on our girls’ dresses.
Sunflowers of yellow crepe and brown,
in their faces
all the light you gave me,
all the days
when light was all we owned,
and all we wanted.

I put in violets of obsidian
from the green bottle
of a summer storm,
and cloth of linen
spread upon the future,
with tulips of oval bronze,
and cups of wine,
and a moment of unmeasured love.
There is dew from snowflakes
cast in gold,
all that I could gather
and hold suspended
in the dark slumber of my soul.
And the perfection of small things
gathered from a shore,
broken shells and stones,
and star fish fallen from the heavens.

I bring you happiness
from a bottle of perfume,
summer essence,
and the yeast of old things,
gathered seasons,
passing one to another,
and the unchanged substance
of ourselves.
I put love between the spaces,
a kiss for each thing
you will have,
as you bring,
forever’s love
to lips that want no other.
My forever gift.

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