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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Chasing Heaven

I have been running down a path
in my heart,
in my soul,
in my mind.
The wind cannot catch me.
It was never like this before.
I was never so free!
The heart sobs of heaven are in me.
A gladness made of leaves and sun.
A fierce, unrelenting love
uncrippled by time,
for all the tenderness shown me
in the confusion of a busy life.

Children believe in the impossible.
That is where the impossible comes from.
They are the genesis of the beautiful
and miraculous.
And I am a part of it!
A part of the miracle tree
anointed by the prayers of summer.
It is where my feet are racing.
A world grown prayer by prayer
from the happiness and faith
of children, in the everlasting love
and blessing of God.

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