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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Soul Physics

explain the physics of my soul.
I feel so imponderable
in your box of laws.
I do not think
we have discovered ourselves.
How poems get written.
Love walks through a room
in absolute infinity.
How it floods the imagination
of my heart.
Dresses in the cortical neurons
of my sight,
defying relativity,
waltzing to quantum dances.

When I told Mary,
you defy the laws of physics
she smiled and said,
how sweet!
Beautiful beyond imaginal belief.
I don’t think we understand
what we are,
how huge we impose upon the world,
what it is we impose,
and out of which my Mary comes
a twinkle in her eye
and says to me,
I’m chasing you my love,
the world,
for what it’s worth
be damned.

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