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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Life on the Beach

Such a beach
with its howling.
No rest.
Like young men slogging
in the sand.
Damsel girls
splashing like white roses
in the surf.
My favorite beach
with the contours of a woman.
All about song and sex.
The arguments of people blow away.
Not a sound of them
where the water bathes my feet.
It is my secret.
My childhood is here.

The arrhythmia of my soul
is quieted.
My belief sprouts wings.
Everything is life.
The discovery of my relativity.
Life is or is not,
of its own choosing.
Nothing in me is dying.
The woman I love
is with me.
My children are living
their adventure.
My grandchildren have the eyes
of wizards,
and perform magic every day.
I am sunning on the beach.
A shore bird.
I am happy,
whether I want to be or not.
Such is life.

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