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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


Host of grace and quiet,
of infinity and small,
oh Love who is the lord of us,
and parent to us all.

Accept my tardy thankfulness,
for gifts you freely give,
the benison of beauty,
in the place you’d have us live.

Forgive the rudeness of neglect,
unmindful as we yearn,
missing what you share with us,
and could by sharing learn.

That each soul is a treasure,
worthy of our love,
each heart a single measure,
of the universe above.

Each act of kindness leaven,
in the bread you’d have us break,
remembering that Heaven,
is what of life we make.

That at the end of every end,
you grant us new beginning,
asking only we share faith,
by our own act of forgiving.

That Heaven is a place,
in the heart of every soul,
when it shares with others,
the love you share with all.

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