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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield


Theodore Waterfield was born in Sandusky, Ohio where he spent the first thirty-one years of his life. He graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College, majoring in psychology and philosophy. He and his wife Mary live in Upper Arlington, Ohio and have two grown daughters. When asked by strangers what he does, he says, “I’m a poet.”

About poetry Ted has said, “Poetry is a gem cut from mood and expression, to be anything we like.  I do not believe we choose to be what we are, for all the existential debate involving environment and what we are to begin with.

Our souls are quicksilver filling the form that chaos provides.  We dream where we stand and the pure energy in us becomes a soul bit by bit.

Collected in the process of time.  Poems are bit by bit, as we are.  They are what loves us, teaches us, lingers with us and becomes our dust.  Only a fool concludes poetry is craft.

It is the voice of the soul, perfect or imperfect, and how the world expresses its spirit for which I have more faith, than pretending I constitute nothing at all.  All art is spiritual, whatever mask or gown it wears.  We don’t make it up.  We discover it and create accordingly.”

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