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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

The Charm of Summer

Join the party!
Gather up the balloons.
Cut sunflowers for the vases,
and strum the ukulele.
The fireflies of summer have returned.
Mars shines like a ruby
in the sky,
closer than it’s ever been.

Life on Mars
is convinced that life is here.
They see the lights,
the great explosions.
Everyone wave to the Martian soul!
Remove all doubt.
The moon
has long since found us home.
Seen love,
springing from the grass.

Let us celebrate this season.
Cut a tomato for my plate!
Swim in the sea.
Throw a ball in the air,
and tell the tattletales
where to go!
We are enjoying ourselves,
flying kites,
playing in the sun,
making love,
as poignant as kisses
stolen in the shade

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