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A Piece of Forever

To own a piece of forever
I open my arms
and thank the sea for charity.
Its waves corpulent with foam,
beautiful as swans
flying to the beach
to a certain ending.

Galaxies of grace above me.
The verdant perfume of earth,
scattering rain,
the flawless geometry of snow,
the pathos of a human face.
The epiphany of its struggle
in each age,
from child to adult,
adult to old man or woman.

A candle burning down,
for whom the bell tolls,
flash of thunder in the heart,
seen across its meridian,
inaudible as its dream.
True as the dark matter
which no one has seen,
but tips the scales
with no force involved.
Like a miracle
asking for one last dance
without telling you its name.

Published inIndex of all Poems