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The book The House of the World has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and is now available on Amazon.


I became a choirboy,
as if an old world
attracted a new world,
with the chaste sound
of choral hymns, found
through the open door
of a church.
It was not the epiphany
of conversion.

My heart reflected
everything that entered it.
I was as vulnerable to God
as I was to ice cream,
to sex,
to the unison of melodic
And to an archangel,
pitiless disciplinarian,
who beckoned an aimless boy
to a pew before the others
and played anthems
to him alone.

And so for the several years
I sang in his choir,
he would play, before rehearsal
and I would listen
before the choir assembled.
For all his harshness
I received a diffident kindness,
that excluded the others, and
was never challenged.
So we are sometimes loved,
which I believe I was,
which I believe I was,
and given a tower,
a hospice, which I believe
for no other reason,
than I be safeguarded,
and allowed

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