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The Seat

I am looking for the best seat
I can find.
Row one, in the middle.
Close up.
Leather upholstery.
Cool on a hot day.
Soft on my own worn out seat.
I want a seat up close
at swearing-in ceremonies,
special occasions.
My grandchildren receiving
their college degrees.
Getting married.
Their hundredth birthdays.

I want a chair that touches back.
That spreads out.
That shakes me awake
watching TV.
I want a chair that floats,
turns 360°.
That never loses my glasses,
the TV control.
Rings like a telephone
so I can hang up
when I’m finished talking.

I want a chair that implodes.
Gets out of the way.
Turns over easy
so I can vacuum up
popcorn underneath.
A chair that tips people out
when I need to sit,
in the best seat in the house.

Published inIndex of all Poems