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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Unnamed Girl

Her eyes are radiant.
How careful the hand that painted her!
An artist in love.
Was she silent when he added light?
When the room held the fragrance
of her bouquet,
and he put the luster of life inside her?

Did she smile when he said,
how beautiful you are!?
When the words tumbled out
as he added color to her hair.
As the complexity of her heart
became clear to him,
and for a moment he was her lover.

Did she know how her face
unfolded itself in his hand?
How the brush was a touch of love
on her cheek?
How it danced in the highlights
of her lips?

Her name, dear artist,
where did you put her name?
Hidden in the folds of her dress?
Disguised in a curl,
the design of a button,
so you would never forget,
or later,
when it would be too late to ask,
the secret would be there.

When she would smile at us,
and her eyes dissolve in sweetness,
and we ask,
what beautiful girl
is your dear name?

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