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For Rachel

Glorious thank you to Rachel.
Glorious thank you to Elaine.
Glorious thank you to Dennis.
Glorious thank you to Max.
Celebration of life.
Mark where the tide comes in.
Mark where the sigh of the sea
goes back.
Journey of constellations,
replenishing the cup,
sacrament of children,
gathering in.
Where heaven stays.
Where the fragile never breaks.
Where the pearl
is worn like the moon.

Family of psalms,
of open joy.
I beheld your covenant of love,
dance of the heart.
Hands woven in each other
like tapestries.
Temple of humanness,
of pure eyes,
dark night,
dawn of amethyst and rose.
The earth will journey
with your hearts in its river.
Bloom with the open smiles
of your faces.

You are the oranges and grapes
of summer.
You are a family of open love.
Thank you for your bread,
your clapping laughter.
The open door of your house.
I will remember my hosts
like spring brightened with flowers.
Like the clean, delicious air
of an awakening,
with beautiful voices.
Family of embraces.
Family of devotion.
Thank you.

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