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If It Be Told

Every life is a forest.
Dense in places.
Open spots.
Sunlight falling through a canopy.
Tasks, people,
children never growing old,
voices filling the silence
inside ourselves.
How many pages fill a life?

The story of life is immense.
To write down a day
could take a year.
A life runs so hot,
moves so fast.
Archipelagoes are formed and flooded,
sunsets fall at different sites.
The synopsis of dreams
is bigger than the book.
What has God wrought in us,
but itself.

Biography is a drop in the sea.
Sky, flying off the horizon.
An orchard that covers earth.
Not a grain of sand is wasted.
Needed to create beaches
to leave our footprints,
where they can be found
and pulled back from death.
Never quite a story that can end,
with so many plots
to be continued.

Published inIndex of all Poems