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Park of Roses

Memaw will take our grandchildren
to the Park of Roses.
To bring them to a renaissance
of blue sky and light.
To the propagation of the mysterious
and beautiful
that lives in their lives.
To fall in love with flowers
as I did,
with a solitary trillium planted
by my brother, from the woods.

He did not realize where his intention
would lead.
The gift of trinity
that compelled me to search
for the sacred in nature.
The white star of a lily
from the shade of the forest.

A lode star that guided me.
Now Jackie, Michael and Mark
are brought to a festival
of a thousand colors,
like tidewater painted by sunrise
and sunset, to remind them
of wild flowers, trilliums, and for me,
a brother’s gift I’ve cherished all my life.

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