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A Day Off

I want a day off,
but what does that mean?
That all the days of my life
were not what I need?
That what created me
has exhausted me?
That the sun interrupted
a dream?
That I want loneliness
to surround me?
That forty days and nights
is a day off?
That a hunger has been
growing in me?

A day off
to open the door in the sky.
To find what I’ve lost,
or rather, to remember
what I’ve lost.
Or, to take a walk
and find a hand in mine
that is me,
waiting at the terminal
of my youth.

Eyes that want to be found,
a place I am going.
The way I would talk
to myself
and watch the trains go by
and I could say,
life is waiting.
My destiny is waiting.
My day off is me.

Published inIndex of all Poems