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Heart Attack

The illogic of illness
is like the sun rising out of the earth.
A star going into the dazzle
of the sky.
So my heart waved at me and said,
let’s sit for a moment.
I have never stopped
following your journey,
let’s be quiet and see where we’re at.
There was so much pain
in what my heart was saying.
So many houses where we could
have paused and admired the gardens.
So many children
that needed someone to catch a ball,
play tag.

So I sat down and let my heart rest.
Think for a moment about the good times
we’ve had.
We have to do more of this,
I replied, catching my breath.
You’ve been good to me over the years.
Wandered with me, without complaining.
I’ve taken you for granted.
There’s a time, time coming,
when I’ll have to take my shoes off.
Close the door, to let you sleep,
and I’ll watch that star
rise from the earth,
and go back in,
where I might follow it.

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