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Facing the Wall

I hate you, time.
I can’t touch you.
I can’t embrace you.
What do you taste like?
Why won’t you talk to me?
Are you a form of music?
Are you the dance inside me?
Are you a ghost
that stands behind me?
The simulacrum in a mirror
that never answers back?

I need you, time,
to answer my hunger.
I need you, time,
to comfort my mortality.
I need you, time, to mend.
To find people I must find
so I can love them
before I die.
I need you, time,
for one last kiss.
For one last swim in the ocean.

I need you, time,
to see where the tracks go.
Where the dead are living.
Where God takes a nap.
I need you, time,
to remember things.
Most. Most.
To save who I love.
I need you, time,
to talk to me.
A special moment
before I disappear
and let you go on in peace.

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