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Here you will find the writings of the poet Theodore Waterfield

Getting Ready for Company

I am not ready
for the company that will come.
Why did they leave me alone?
I needed someone last night,
not today.
Today the sun will do.
The mums brighten my silence
and keep their peace,
as I water them.

Fall is around the corner,
due to visit at 12:30 noon tomorrow,
on a day as blue as this one.
I will be dressed,
but not at home.
I give it my love.
Am I growing into a solitary place?
Like an island too far away?
A road overtaken by dust?
An old boat with a broken keel.

Or is it,
that who comes
must be love at first sight,
the most fragrant of wine,
coffee with a lilt.
A child who reaches
into every molded cranny of my soul.
A slice of apple
fresh as the air after rain.

Company that throws off its coat
and sits naked with me.
Life assured of itself.
And leaves precisely
at the moment it must go,
making me call out,
come again!

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